About Sunergy Power

Sunergy Power is a solar power focused integrator that has been operating in Australia for over 5 years and has since opened up operations in Indonesia. The company’s operation has grown from a successful solar power residential deployment and has moved into the commercial market and have worked with many different businesses and owners to offer an in-depth study on cutting back their expenses whilst offering an alternative power supply source.

Sunergy has a group of experienced technicians and engineers that have been working with the company to look over each and every aspect that should be considered by a company when looking into solar power. Our operations in Indonesia have commenced and we have partnered up with location technicians to ensure that all regulations are met by local authorities as well.  

Each business that Sunergy engages with is closely studied and checked off with a due diligence checklist to ensure that we cover off all aspects that need to be considered when suggesting to install a solution to a business.  The study will contain a detailed breakdown of how what their business will look like with a detailed layout for their installation, solar production and the business financials that will affect their expenses as well as what the investment is worth.

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