Solar power systems installed take advantage of the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity for you can use. Solar energy holds a number of significant advantages over other alternative energy sources and these are the major reasons why you would install solar power to your home or business:


  • You are creating an independent power grid for your home or business;


Separate from the grid provider, you will be installing solar panels that will generate electricity and will be to all of your day time load demands. Any access energy will be put back into your battery storage systems (if you choose to install) or the power grid.


  • You are generating and using clean renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions;


Solar energy is a safe alternative which can replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas generation of electricity that produce air, water and land pollution.


  • You will reduce your electricity bills and save money;


Your electricity demand will come from the solar power that you generate and this will either replace or reduce your demand from the grid provider. Generally, grid providers will also offer credits for the solar power excess that is put back in the grid which is then credited off your next electricity bill.


  • Low maintenance costs;


Installing solar power will offer financial and operating benefits that will last for an expected life of 25-30 years. Maintaining your solar power system is simple to do. Generally, it involves cleaning your solar panels and check your lines and fuses.


  • Technology developments;


Technology advancements are always developing and the technology is becoming more efficient and this is making the investment that you make more attractive. You can also look into how battery options and becoming more popular and people are wanting to include this for night time and emergency back-up use.


After our first meeting with you, one of our experts will guide and support you through each step of your solar power adoption, so you're well informed of what's involved and your timeline.


Site Survey

We will gather all of the information and this will include; your usage, location, if there is any shading and in order to calculate your electricity bill savings. 

Solar Power Implementations 

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